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The Delicious BBQ Shish Kebab Maker can cook up to 49 skewers in 5 minutes! You can use it for seafood, meat, poultry, and veggies! It saves a lot of time and effort. It is great for home use and for a BBQ party!



It makes many skewers at once and is also recommended for camping trips.



This kebab maker is detachable for compact storage situations and is dishwasher-friendly.


If you love BBQ parties, this product is a must-have for you! It is fast and safe to use.  



Beef Skewer Kebab Maker Features

  • Material: Premium food-grade ABS material
  • Make 49 grilling skewers in seconds.
  • Simplify and reduce the hassle of cutting individual pieces and inserting them on the skewers.
  • Can be used with meat, fruit, or vegetables.Easy and convenient to use and clean.
  • Widely used, not only can be used with meat, but also fruit or vegetables.


  • Number of threads: 49
  • Material: food-grade ABS plastic Color: blue, green Applications: commercial, household Baking stick size: no less than 25cm
  • Characteristic: dispels the tradition to wear the meat the worry, wears cuts together, open the box is 49 strings.
  • Tool Type: Skewers
  • Feature: Easily Cleaned
  • Feature: Heat Resistance
  • Feature: Non-Stick
  • Material: Plastic

Note: This product does not have a barbecue sign and knife.


1. First use the meat-filler cover to cut out the size of the meat-piercing device.

2. Place the cut pieces of meat in a piece of meat, about 8cm thick.

3. Put the baking sign on top from the top and reach the bottom hole. (Some difficult to wear, you can wear it under a little activity.)

4. Take the cutter along with the cutting knife auxiliary slot and cut in step 5. Open the box, 49 strings are done!


Package Included

1 Pc x Beef Skewer Kebab Maker

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